FibreHeart Wool Studio Needle Felt Memorial Art Sculptures


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Since March 2010, I have been creating lovely memories for wonderful people.  Pet owners and Non-pet owners alike.

Each sculpture is handcrafted from exquisite fibers.  Directly supplied from farms and hand processed by me.  Their eyes are fashioned from glass beads or realistic glass eyes.  They are hand sewn with the strongest thread and felted in so you can't break them.  Each nose is hand sculpted right into the fiber for a firm hold.  No pins or glue.  For an extra special touch, I will even add a lock of your pets fur to your sculpture.

I spend numerous hours trying to get the perfect look and personality of your pet.  Your pet is special and unique, your sculpture should reflect that.  And to make sure you are completely satisfied, I provide you with photos to approve before shipping.

Take a look at some previous sculptures in my Gallery. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.  You can also read my FAQ and Policy pages for answers.


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